Sumaridge is a family owned wine estate situated in the beautiful upper Hemel-en-Aarde Valley, near Hermanus.

Our mountain vineyards offer heady views of the Atlantic Ocean, responsible for the cool maritime climate which helps create wonderfully balanced wines that age extraordinarily well. Please click on the bottle images to view detailed tasting notes for each wine.

The Vinyard

In any vineyard, it is a fact that fundamentally, the quality of the grapes determines the potential for quality in a wine. However, there are many variables that will influence its ultimate character.

Start by understanding the intricacies that comprise the terroir, and achieve a balance between the agricultural aspects, and those of the surrounding natural environment.

Get in touch with every feature of each given season, from pruning to determination of optimum ripeness, and know the effects of climate and viticultural conditions on the grapes at harvest to harness the characteristics that will give the wine its distinguishing features.


While currently topical, terroir is not a new concept. The term is of French origin and refers to a unique set of conditions that bestow specific characteristics on the wines produced there.

Thus incorporating topography, soil, macro and micro climatic conditions, choice of variety and vine husbandry, carried through to the cellar environment, equipment, history, traditions and winemaking method.

The Ancient Greeks would stamp their terracotta wine flasks with the seal of the region they came from, and soon different regions established reputations based on the quality of their wines.

In Burgundy the monks began to establish boundaries in the middle ages, many of which exist today as Grand Cru Vineyards.

Upper Hemel-en-Aarde Valley,
Hermanus, South Africa.

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